The tour is available as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and as a viewable PDF document. Simply click the desired button at the bottom of this page.

The PrecisionPlus Tour will give you an overview of the program for a particular building.

PrecisionPlus Tour Download Information

The PrecisionPlus Tour install program download is approximately 20 MB. We recommend that you download this file to your local hard drive and follow the instructions below for installing the tour. If you experience difficulties with the download, Contact us for a tour CD.

Once the install program has successfully downloaded, follow these steps:

  • Close out of all applications, browse to the location of the downloaded file, and double click LTITour.exe.
  • Follow the screen instructions for installing the tour. Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer are required for viewing the tour. After the first screen appears, the setup program will search your computer to see if these programs are present. There may be a delay during this process. Please wait as the program gathers the needed information about these programs.
  • You will not be asked to enter the destination directory. This tour will be loaded to C:\ltitour.
  • After the setup program has completed the tour installation, it will install Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer if required.
  • When the setup program is finished, restart Windows to complete the setup.
  • On your desktop you will have a "PrecisionPlus Tour" Icon. Double click on the Icon to start the tour.

Click the button below to download the PrecisionPlus Tour setup program and follow the instructions above for installation.

Click the button below to view the PrecisionPlus Tour in PDF format.


After you have reviewed the PrecisionPlus Tour, Contact us about PrecisionPlus licensing options.