The LGSI, Light Gage Structural Institute, is no longer an active organization. The LGSI was formed in 1989 and was a nonprofit organization composed of member companies who manufacture light gage cold-formed sections. The LGSI contracted with Loseke Technologies, Inc. to create the "Light Gage Structural Steel Framing System Design Handbook", which contained the following information about cold-formed sections: (Gross Section Properties, Torsional Properties, Bending and Axial Properties, Combined Shear and Bending, Combined Axial and Bending, Web Crippling, Axial Capacities, Simple Span Capacities)

ColdgoPlus Cold-Formed Design / Analysis Software

While the LGSI Design Handbook is no longer available for sale from Loseke Technologies, Inc., our ColdgoPlus software, the software that was used to generate the data for the LGSI Design Handbook is available for licensing.

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