Loseke Technologies began as a sole proprietorship in 1984. Stand-alone programs were developed and marketed. Research efforts were focused on the development of an integrated system.

Mr. Loseke timed the birth of this business to coincide with the beginning of the age of personal computers. The personal computers of the early 1980s were not capable of running an integrated system. But based on the fact that major manufacturers were funding the research and development of more powerful personal computers, he felt that this was the optimum time to take a risk.

Being first into the metal building software marketplace was a critical element in the plan. Loseke Technologies has continued to be innovative in its services to the industry.

In 1999, key employees of Loseke Technologies acquired an ownership position in the company with Mr. Loseke continuing as President. This transfer of ownership and sharing of responsibilties enabled Mr. Loseke to provide valuable consulting to Loseke Technologies and to pursue other interests.

Now Tom Cannon has taken the position of President, while Judy Pedersen is Corporate Secretary. Mr. Loseke has moved to the Board of Directors and continues to provide consulting services. Everyone at Loseke Technologies is excited about new opportunities as the organization continues to build on its strong foundation.